21st Century Project

On Tuesday, April 20, Serve the Need in Johnston County, recently donated over $1200 worth of books for the summer reading program at The 21st Century Village Community Learning Center with the help of Central Lube owner, Tim Matthews.

Serve The Need member, Brenda Bush, was presented a check from Central Lube of Clayton and Smithfield for $600 based on a matching donation promise.  Tim Matthews, owner of Central Lube challenged Serve The Need’s membership to raise $600.  He promised to match those donations up to $600 and not only did the membership reach that goal, they exceeded it.

“I am very pleased and not at all surprised by the generosity of the membership of Serve The Need in Johnston County.” Stated Tim Matthews.  “They have answered many calls when the need has arisen.  This is just one of many and I am very fortunate to be a part of the process.”

Accepting the donation were Brenda Bush, Sandy Ross and Margaret Gooding all members of Serve The Need.  The three ladies were charged with collecting monetary donations and then finding books to suit the summer reading list for 3rd thru 7th graders.  The 21st Century Village Community Learning Center was presented with those books on Tuesday as well.

“Serve The Need answers many calls within the county and we are blessed they chose our after-school care center as one of those calls.”  Stated Sherry Moore, owner of The 21st Century Village CLC.  “Our children need books to read.  Brenda, Sandy and Margaret made sure they have them.”

Diverse titles are among the donated books.  North Carolina authors were researched and books from those authors were first and then nationally known authors were chosen to represent a diverse array of titles for the young readers.

“Our organization is so proud to be a part of helping Johnston County in any way it can.”  Stated Brenda Bush, Serve the Need member.  “Our membership has big hearts and we cannot express enough how fortunate we are to have them step up when they hear the call to help someone.  These books will go far in entertaining and educating our local children.”

Selma Town Manager, Brent Taylor, Selma Mayor, Cheryl Oliver, along with Councilmen Byron McAllister and Joe Scarboro were among the dignitaries present.

“It shows goodwill to have local organizations helping local businesses.  It’s the foundation of good community relations.” Stated Mayor Oliver.


Our mission: “What we do by ourselves matters; What we do together, really makes the difference.” “When we give we get back.”


Duane Raver Prints Still Available

You can still obtain your very own Duane Raver print.  Just make a contribution of at least $100 to Serve The Need in Johnston County and you can choose one from 4 prints by Duane Raver.  They are:
The Wigeon
dimensions are 23×20

The Turkey
dimensions are 25×19

The Wood duck
dimensions are 26×20

The Quail
dimensions are 23×20

Please contact either Tom Ricks at 919-333-8399  or  Melissa Dooley at 919-218-4010 to obtain YOUR print today!

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