Serve the Veteran

Scores of Johnston County veterans have returned or will be returning home from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of our veterans served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.  While some of their basic needs are provided by the Veterans Administration, there are many other needs that must be met by veterans organizations, service organizations and local community groups -such as STNinJC.

Inspired by William Moran, an Air Force Vietnam Veteran, who shared his dream of  serving veterans with unmet needs throughout Johnston County. In partnership with local veterans organizations, the “Serve the Veteran” project was established in February 2012.   


To “Serve the Veterans” throughout Johnston County and improve their quality of life through providing for unmet needs.

Project Goals

To assist veterans in:

  • Applying for VA benefits
  • Locating employment
  • Installing ramp access to home
  • Providing small home repairs
  • Locating food banks and homeless shelters
  • Assisting with travel to job Interviews and medical appointments

Since the first veteran was served through our Serve the Veteran project in April 2012, the following are examples of services provided  by STNinJC:

  • Discharged Afghanistan Veteran provided a $100 gas card to travel to job interviews.
  • Provided $50 for transportation to SC for a veteran stranded in Kenly, NC.
  • Provided $100  for a veteran’s burial expenses .
  • Build hand rails and a small transition ramp for  two veterans.
  • Provided $334 for severely disabled veteran  to restore utilities.
  • Provided $200 to cover expenses for a disable veteran  whose credit card was stolen.